daily animal :D

todays animal is...

the puerto rican coqui!

this isn't the right space for this but this species is actually so cute omg

the coquí, unlike most frogs, don't have webbed feet.

they're named after the sound of the mating calls that the males make at night.

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some more facts about them include..

  • little colonisers : The coquí are legally classified as an invasive species in california and hawaii.
  • legend : The coquí have a legend surrounding them, where a goddess fell in love with the son of a taíno chief named coquí, but coquí was taken by the god of chaos and in remembrance of him, she created a frog that would call out the name of her lost love.
  • national symbolism : The coquí is considered to be the unofficial national symbol of puerto rico.
  • i love him