daily animal :D

todays animal is...

the siberian tiger!

the Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is the BIGGEST feline species in the world.

quite similarly to polar bears, siberian tigers have thick layers of fat to keep them warm

Siberian tigers, like other species of tiger, tend to enjoy living on their own and have their own big territory

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some more facts include..

  • Protection : In 1947 after WW2, Russia became the first country to ban tiger hunting and offer tigers full protection.
  • Extra fur : Around their necks, Siberian tigers have scarves of extra fur .
  • Confidential Informants : A lot of people believe that a few siberian tigers exist in the Asian country of North Korea.
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    whew! such adorable animals :) and I'd like to invite you to come back tomorrow for another! see you next time 🫶